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This kind of support we offer doesn’t have to be limited to manufacturing processes as such. Essentially, it breaks down into:

Quality Processes
: Are you considering buying a new electronic Change Control System? Or is your Deviation Handling Process so laborious nobody wants to have anything to do with it? We can analyze these processes, based on many years of experience with most common Quality Management Systems and guide you to solutions that work. Quality by process.

Manufacturing Processes
: Based on our in-house expertise, we could challenge and improve manufacturing processes in the following areas:

- Biotechnology (Cell Culture / Protein Purification)
- Fill / Finish (Sterile Dosage Forms)
- Optical inspection (Parenterals)

This could mean Process Engineering of a single step in the process up to an extensive analysis of the entire process train, from vendor selection for incoming materials all the way to supply chain improvement.

Although the focus is mainly on pharmaceutical processes, we also apply our knowledge outside the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, we are currently designing a start-to-finish process for polymer recycling. Something completely different, but then again also not that much!